Is There a Full Moon?

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Did you ever have someone in your life that seemed to be wonderful one minute and stark raving mad the next? Does it seem to run in cycles? Let’s narrow that down some more. How about a personality flip around the solstices or even every couple of weeks.

My first husband fits this description exactly. Our relationship, based on his behavior, ran in two week cycles. Great and then bad, on and then off. Twice a year he would go completely off the deep end which would result in major drama and upheavals in our lives. Granted, he had his share of issues, but how much of a role did the phases of the moon play in his behavior? In my personal experience, a lot. I could set my watch by it. Okay, we’re going to have a blow up in 3, 2, 1. . .

A full moon will see an increase in erratic behavior in anyone that suffers from unhealed issues such as fear, anger, depression, or addictions. Anyone that works in healthcare or law enforcement can attest to this.

So what about a new moon? According to, “An increase in negative energy attacks and subtle negative pressure has been observed on full moon and new moon days. It starts two days prior to full moon or new moon and ends two days after.” So yes, a new moon affects us also, only with slight differences. A full moon has more effect on the physical body while a new moon has more effect on the mind. You can read more about this here.

Spiritual Research also mentions negative energy, ghosts, and demons having more power and influence on humans on these days. Do I believe in these things. You bet your sweet patootie I do. There are plenty of cantankerous energies hanging around with nothing better to do than cause trouble (perhaps a future post on how these negative energies come to exist.) And as we all know, misery loves company. They will congregate and hang around places of low or negative energy such as a bar, a gang hangout, or an unhappy home.

These energies use the power of suggestion to get to you. Go on, have another drink, I’m ugly, nobody loves me, the world’s better off without me, I wonder what it would be like to kill someone. Have you ever caught one of these thoughts fleeting through your brain and thought, “Woah, where’d that come from. That wasn’t me.” They will pick a fear or insecurity and emphasize it and if you’re in a bad place already, it could get ugly.

When my youngest daughter was 11 she woke me up crying in the middle of the night insisting she was going to stab me with a knife. She was inconsolable. “But Mommy, I don’t want to hurt you!” she cried. “And you’re not going to.You are in control of what you do. Just tell those scary thoughts to go away.” You better believe mom was doing some major witchy work behind the scenes.

We have a new moon coming up tomorrow January 20th and are in dark moon now. This is also one of six supermoons we will see this year. (A supermoon is when the moon is the closest it will be to the earth.) If you notice your friend is a little off, your sister suddenly won’t speak to you, or the elderly parent you care for is cranky and uncooperative, it’s probably the moon.

From a witchs’ perspective.

A new moon is a powerful time. It’s perfect for new beginnings, starting a new relationship or endeavor, setting new goals or reaffirming old ones.

This is a great time to do some wishing spells if you’re so inclined, put together a vision board, or write your desires in a journal like I do.

How to protect yourself.

If protecting yourself from negative energies is a concern for you, I wouldn’t worry too much if you’re the type of person that is generally in high spirits (no pun intended). You probably have nothing to worry about.

Maintaining a high vibration or frequency is key. Practice anything that makes you feel good. Listen to great music, watch funny animal videos, have a laughfest with your best friend. It’s your mood and thoughts that matter.

There are various crystals that can be used and a good article on that can be found at (I use amethyst myself.) I also love her perspective on negative energy.

You can sprinkle salt around the perimeter of your space or make a witch bottle for protection and bury it near your front door. Either way just being aware is the biggest protection against undue influences.

Wishing you a magic filled day,