Pineapple Cheeseball


And the case of the disappearing Lawry’s seasoning.

I learned to make this with my first husband’s mother when I was sixteen, and it’s been a family favorite ever since. I’ve never happened across it anywhere else. In my efforts to originate this recipe I actually found it posted in several places around the internet, so it’s definitely out there. My thoughts are that it originated with McCormick sometime in the 80’s, but I couldn’t find anything to support this.

This cheeseball is my go to for potlucks and get togethers at the holidays.  It’s always a big hit and the one question I am always asked is, “Is there seafood in this?” I think the stringiness of the pineapple can be mistaken for crab meat. Regardless, it’s my all time favorite holiday food and dangerous left in the same room with me.

Lawry’s seasoning. Okay look, I make this generally once a year at the holidays. I buy a bottle of Lawry’s and use the 2 tsp. the recipe calls for. I place the Lawry’s in my spice cupboard happily nested with the other spices. Let me add, this recipe is the only thing I use Lawry’s seasoning in. So common sense would tell you that when I mix this up the following year, the Lawry’s will still be in the spice cupboard. Umm. . .nope. It goes missing every. single. year. After so many years of this, I started checking the cupboard before going for groceries to save myself the second trip I always have to make to buy more Lawry’s. Someone is stealing my Lawry’s. Is this some kind of cosmic joke? This has been going on for years. I told my husband, this year I’m leaving it sit on my counter where I can check on it every day, and guess what. It’s still here. Ha! So,  anyway, if you happen across a stash of 30 or so almost full bottles of Lawry’s seasoning salt out there somewhere, they’re mine.

(Please excuse my photography. I used my Ipad because it was handy and they’re a little blurry.)

Ok, let’s get to the recipe.

You will need:

1    8 oz. cream cheese

2    cans crushed pineapple

1/4 C. minced green pepper

1/4 C. minced yellow onion

2   Tsp. Lawry’s seasoning salt

2    C. chopped pecans (I’ve also used walnuts.)pinehand2

To start, we’re going to squeeze the excess juice out of the pineapple. Lay cheese cloth or paper towels (3 or 4 pinesqueeze2layers.)across the palm of your hand over the kitchen sink and dump the can of pineapple in the middle. Wrap up the four corners and squeeze gently, make a quarter turn, and squeeze, turn, squeeze. (if you squeeze too hard the paper towel will split.) Continue this process until you’re down to a trickle. We don’t want it bone dry, but too wet and it won’t shape.

Add the the pineapple, cream cheese, green pepper, onion, Lawry’s, and 1 C. of nuts to your mixing bowl and mix together using your hands. Yes, this will get messy. (I use my knuckles and do sort of a smash and turn motion to really crush up the pineapple.) Once the ingredients are well blended, shape into a ball and roll in the remaining 1 C. of nuts until the outside of the ball is well coated. Now wrap that puppy up and pop it in the fridge.pinecom2cbcut

I always make this the day before and let it sit over night so the flavors can meld together.

Serve with the crackers of your choice.

Hope you enjoy!

Oh, well hello, breakfast. 😉