Just Us

Photo from Pixabay.com
Photo from Pixabay.com

What if we woke up tomorrow and there were no religions, no boundaries, no political parties, no rich and no poor? What if we woke up tomorrow and everything that divides us, everything that keeps us separate, no longer existed? What if we were just seven billion humans standing on this planet with the exact same needs, wants, and desires?

What if we woke up tomorrow and there were no corporations, no government, and no media? What if there was no one to continually bombard us through news, magazines, and the internet telling us what to think, how we should feel, how we should look, what we need to buy, and what we’re hungry for?

What if there were no jobs to go to, no bills or taxes to pay, and no required schooling for our children? What if there was no such thing as money? What would that look like? How do you think we would act?

I think some would say all hell would break loose. We would be enveloped in murder, madness, and mayhem. We would all be stupid without forced education. We would all starve to death with no fast food joints and processed foods. Of course, without laws and law enforcement we would be raped and pillaged. Without taxes there would be no roads and bridges. (Insert anything else you can think of here.)

I have more faith in humanity than that. Remove all the things I mentioned above and all that’s left is seven billion people that want the same things. We want to be loved unconditionally. We want to feel safe and cared for. We want to be free to be ourselves without judgement. We want our basic needs met without having to struggle for them. We want the freedom to learn, grow, and express ourselves in whatever way we choose.

I believe deep down we are all inherently good people. I believe that being treated with love, kindness, respect, and compassion brings out the best in each of us. And, I believe that without all of the things I mentioned above we would all come together to build a beautiful world for one another.

Every one of us has amazing talents and abilities. Every one of us has a purpose. Every one of us has something beautiful and valuable to add to the whole. With everyone giving of their talents and abilities not one would be lacking for anything.

Look at it this way. Consider a potluck. When was the last time you went to a potluck and there wasn’t too much food? More food than everyone could possibly eat? Joe can’t wait for you to taste his famous meatballs, Sally brought her best potato salad, and Betty is praying she didn’t over bake her glazed lemon cake like last time. It’s a smorgasbord of amazing dishes. This is humanity in a very simplified example. Now take that and multiply it by seven billion, and apply it to everyday life.

But we’re not just talking food here. Some people would build things because they like working with wood. Some would tend a garden because they love gardening. Some would cook because they love to cook. Some would make clothes because they love to sew. Some would teach the children because they love to teach. There are artists, musicians, mechanics, inventors, actors, writers, and so on. Everyone brings their talents to the potluck and we have a smorgasbord of everything we could possibly want or need. An overabundance really.

Can you envision a world like this? A world where we all live in harmony with nature. Our homes are self sufficient and eco-friendly. Our food is pure and organic. Our air is fresh and clean. Our medicine is natural and rarely needed. Our children are allowed to direct their own education and are encouraged to pursue their interests and talents. Everyday life is peaceful and stress free.

I firmly believe it was originally intended to be this way. We now pay for all of the gifts that were freely given to humanity. Water, fruits and vegetables, land, and the ability to build shelter. We are not permitted to be self sufficient and attempts are being made to make sure we aren’t. This is made glaringly obvious by the laws that have been passed in some areas making it illegal to grow a garden on your property or collect rain water. I think if they found a way to suck all the air out of the environment and make us pay for it they would.

The question I have to ask is, why do we accept this? Why do we accept life as it is? Are you happy with it? Do you like going to work every day? Even if you like your job, tell me you’re not ticking off the days until you can retire. We all do it because that’s the way it’s been since we entered this world. It’s what we think we’re supposed to do. What if it could be different? I think a vote would be unanimous here.

I hold a vision in my heart and in my mind of communities all over the world just like I described. I focus on it every day. I want to see a world where no one is hungry or homeless. I want to see a world where everything is free and money no longer exists. I want to see a world where every one of us is loved and cared for. I want to see a world free of prejudice and judgement. I want to see a world free of division, separation, hatred, and war. I want to see humanity just being human. Underneath the skin color, the religions, the sexual preference, the disabilities, the nationalities, we’re all just human. We’re all different but at the end of the day, we’re all the same.

Can you join me in this vision?

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