17 Inexpensive Tools for a Well-prepared Witch


17 Inexpensive Tools for the Well-prepared Witch

This is a list of everyday mundane items we may not give much thought to, but have very practical uses in our magickal workings. These inexpensive, even dollar store, tools will give you a witch’s toolkit ready for just about any spell you can find a need for. This is by no means a complete kit, but makes a great starter kit or you can put together a beautiful gift basket for your favorite witch.

  1. Salt- Salt is as ancient as the earth and has been revered by many cultures for different reasons. Salt sprinkled around the exterior of your home offers protection. Used on the altar it can represent the element of earth. Sprinkle salt around your circle to protect your magickal workings.
  2. Hemp twine – I love hemp twine for it’s naturalness. Use hemp twine in binding spells, knot work, protection spells, and prosperity spells just to name a few.
  3. String – Very much like twine in it’s uses, it can also be strung with beads or woven through candles.
  4. Chalk – Chalk, white or colored, is wonderful in it’s versatility. It can be used to draw symbols, talismans, runes, sigils on just about anything without the worry of causing damage. Draw your circle on the floor or an amulet for protection on your front door. Chalk can also represent earth on your altar.
  5. Glue – Great for binding spells, of course, among more practical uses.
  6. Glitter/Glitter pens-A beautiful and fun way to add symbols to your spells or altar.
  7. Ribbon – Braided, woven, or knotted, ribbon is perfect for binding, protection, love, and healing.
  8. Wax – Use wax for amulets, seals, divination, spell work, ointments, and balms. Seal the tops of jars or bottles used in spells.
  9. Ink – Ink can be purchased in many colors and scents. The most popular is red. Wicca Spirit Book of Shadows has a nice list of ink recipes and uses. Write out your spells, sign contracts, and draw symbols and amulets.
  10. Matches – Always handy for the fire element. Seems witches are always burning things. Use for incense, candles, burning herbs, paper, etc.
  11. Ball jars – Ball jars are so handy for spells. Sweeten someone with a sour disposition by filling a ball jar with honey or sugar water and plopping their photo in there. Seal it up, say a few words, and toss it in the freezer.
  12. Rubber bands – Seal mojo bags and talismans, wrap candles, or anything else you can think of.
  13. Candles – White or colored to be used on their own or in addition to other elements of your spell.
  14. Charcoal – Charcoal is used for inscribing much like chalk but with more mess. Herbs can be burned on charcoal blocks.
  15. Feathers – Representative of the air element, feathers can be placed on the alter or used in cleansing spells.
  16. Cord –  Cord is the strongest for knot work and binding/releasing spells.
  17. Hat pin or Needle – Use a needle or pin for inscribing symbols in wax or candles. Pins or needles can be added to witch bottles and buried or strung up for protection. I’m sure the image of a poppet of your ex with pins sticking out all over has crossed your mind already. Just remember the rule of three.


So there you have it. Seventeen simple items that will give you a complete arsenal of spells. I would like to add that most of us, when thinking of a witch’s proper tools, think of a cauldron, athame, wand, crystal ball, tarot cards, bolline, etc. These items, while unnecessary, are worth investing in. However, I would not want to receive these items as a gift, nor would I purchase them as a gift for someone. This is solely my preference and personal opinion, but I feel that these items should be personally chosen by the user. It’s important to feel the energy of these items for yourself. I have a mortar and pestle that I picked up in an antique mall and it literally gives me chills when I hold it. I have no idea of it’s origins or handlers, but I can feel the energy this item carries.

As always, you should cleanse your tools before use to remove any negative energy they may have acquired. Even the simple ones. Smudging or moon bathing are the simplest and quickest methods.

Wishing you a magic-filled day,



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