The Power of Your Rainbow


White light. White light contains all of the colors that are. If you pass white light through a prism you will see the colors of a rainbow or the color spectrum. Basic middle school science. There are also colors in the spectrum we can not see with the naked human eye. Does this mean they don’t exist? Of course not.

Everyone carries this light within us. Actually, we are this light. We’ve heard this message in various ways from various figures all of our lives. Whether or not we understand it is something else. Maybe being the light means I should be happy all the time and be a good example to others. Maybe being the light means I should always bring my smile and share my ideas and creativity with the rest of the world. Maybe being the light means I should always stand up for what is right and fight against injustice in this world. Absolutely, those are all wonderful things. But they’re not the point. You ARE the light. There is nothing you need to do but recognize this fact and BE yourself. And this light that you are is a rainbow inside you. Does this mean you’re going to fart fairy dust and shoot rainbows from your fingertips? Wellll. . .maybe someday, but I don’t think we’re there quite yet.


So do something. Take a few minutes and sit still and focus on your body. Take a few deep breaths and see if you can feel the center of this light or the seat of your power ranging somewhere between the center of your breastbone and the center of your upper abdomen. I can feel mine at the tip of my breastbone. If you can’t feel it, just keep trying, you will.

Once you’ve located this center of power, it’s just sitting there. What do you do with it? Well, let’s expand it out. Imagine this light expanding around your body and creating an egg shaped barrier or cushion of protection around yourself.

I often do this when I’m in a crowded place to block out the bombardment of emotions from others. Walmart is a fabulous example. I see nothing. I hear nothing. It’s just me and a razor sharp site line to the pedigree or the eggs or whatever is next on my list.

I use it when I feel threatened emotionally or physically or simply as a precaution. When we travel I expand this field out to include us and our vehicle. When you’re new at this, like anything else, it can seem daunting and maybe even tiresome, but you will eventually do it out of habit.

So you’ve located your center and expanded your light out around your personal space. Now let’s play with it. Expand it out, bring it back, bounce it in and out. How does it feel?

Remember, this white light is made of all the colors of the rainbow. These colors have their own attributes and carry different energies and effect different things. You can use the colors of your rainbow to alter an environment or aid yourself or someone else.

The next time your family is having a rough day, tempers are flaring, the kids are arguing, and there’s a general ‘I want to kill you for no apparent reason’ tension in the air, find a quiet space for a moment. The bathroom should work. Focus on your ball of light. Now turn it green. Expand it out until it encompasses your home. Leave it in place and go on with whatever you were doing prior while maintaining this green light in the back of your mind.

If you’re comforting a friend, surround them with the love and nurturing of a soft pink glow.

Whenever you need to focus on something, use yellow for mental clarity.

If your children go off to play in the park, surround them with black or brown for protection.

If you’re doing magical workings, use purple for psychic protection.

You get the idea.


I’m sharing a small quick reference color chart I put together. This is just a basic list. There are many colors with various meanings and a google search will bring those up for you. I’ve perused these lists and the conclusion I’ve come to is there is no right or wrong way to use the energy of your colors. Whether it’s candle magic, crystal magic, healing, or your own light, the best advice I can give is to sit quietly with your colors and determine what they represent to you on a personal level. The energy, vibration and power of your rainbow is as unique as you are.

One more thing, you’ve expanded your light as far as your home. We’ve practiced increasing and decreasing the size. Let’s make it bigger. Take it out around your neighborhood. Then further. Surround your state, the country, your continent, now the whole earth. Make it pink. You’ve just given the whole world a hug.

Wishing you a magic filled day,



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