On Being a Witch (part 2)

Photo from Pixabay.com
Photo from Pixabay.com

It’s been several years since I cast a circle and performed a full on spell. To be honest, I don’t feel they’re necessary. Spells can be just as effective without it. I suppose it would depend on the gravity or importance of a matter. For really big spells in which I would use a circle, I take a very long time choosing the implements I will use. I examine my intent carefully and choose my words carefully. I create all of my spells myself. I feel this makes them stronger and there is a ton of great information on the web from proper herbs to use to candles to oils etc. Although, I don’t see as many sites as I used to.

Once a spell is complete, I give it time to see if it’s successful. If so, I put it in my book (my grimoire) for future reference. I may never need it again, but it’s there.

Sometimes I struggle with casting. I think that we walk a fine line between being helpful and interfering in situations. If someone is supposed to go through a hardship for the learning experience and the sake of growth, then who are we to potentially hinder that? Just something to think about.

We also always need to take karma into consideration. Ever mind the law of three, what you put out comes back to thee, and it’s often swift and just. When I’m greeted with the whole evil black magic response from others, that’s the first thing I explain. First of all, I would never do anything to intentionally harm another, and there’s extra insurance thanks to good old karma. Not messing with that. No. Thank. You.

Photo from Pixabay.com
Photo from Pixabay.com

The awesome thing is that karma works for good also. It can even start a whirlwind effect that lifts you higher and higher until you’re fairly bursting at the seams. Life doesn’t seem to be going to good for you lately? Do something kind for someone else and watch what happens. Then do something else good and something else. Remember what you put out comes back to you. It’s like a drop in a pool of water. It ripples out, bounces off the edge, and returns to center. What returns is your choice.

Life can be pretty amazing for a practicing witch. I wake up every day excited to see what I’ll create and what good I can do. I’ve come a long way in the last 15 years (learned a lot), and I’ve discovered that the only real truth that exists is the one you create for yourself, because no thing exists outside of ourselves. One’s truth is never the same as another’s and that’s okay.

Wishing you a magic filled day!



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